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Late September.
Jack has just opened a new show, Newton - Tour de Force.

18th October
British Museum. A reading of the Robben
Island Bible.
A really good story. More about this soon

23rd October
What on Earth are you Eating?


Jack Klaff
Jack Klaff is an actor, director, and academic. 
Professor Peter Barham
Professor Barham is the physicist who revealed the secrets of
molecular gastronomy to Heston Blumenthal.
Sam Bompas
Architectural foodsmith extraordinaire.
AA Gill
Sharp-tongued food critic.

Dr Mark Post
Dr Post is the maestro from Maastricht who grows his
own meat in a lab.

Food is the new sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, the new art
and the new religion. It dominates the bestsellers lists
and the television schedules. Food blogs, food clubs,
and amateur chefs abound. What is the secret of
good food? Why do you like some dishes and hate
others? What’s in a meal besides its taste?

More to come